Friday, January 13, 2012

New props on

75mm Acrylic Balls
Plastic Spinning Plates

Monday, August 22, 2011

EJC 2011 (5th Aug to 18th Aug)

Day 1 (5th Aug)
Depart from Singapore

Took Qatar Airway: SGD $1147
Total travelling time (include transit): 21hrs ++
8hrs transit at Doha is terrible... its cold and there is nothing to eat there. Manage to catch some sleep there before boarding

Day 2
Arrive Munich @ 1 30pm
Protest at the Airport
Registration at the EJC Venue (Olympiahalle)
SGD $289 for registration fees + free gala show ticket
$289 gets you to go for all the fantastic workshops, open stage shows, camp site to sleep , Oylmpiahalle to practise or to watch other jugglers practise. Its definitely worth it!!

After registered we start to look for our campsite
Manage to meet Oli from England ( I met him when he was in Singapore last year) so he manage to guide me to camp at the "Contact Juggling.Org" campsite area. It was a pleasure to camp with all the great contact jugglers there.

This is my tent! :)

After setting up my tent we went to walk back to Olympiahalle. (where the jugglers usually practise)

One of a great diabolist I saw when i entered the Hall ( 4 Diabolo low)
After that we walk back to our camp site for a rest and then we went to catch the first open stage at 8 30pm.

This is the Jugendzelt, open stage is in Showzelt
The great jugglers/performers during the open stage
Hiyro performed on the open stage too!!!
After the open stage we were very tired so we went to sleep early. End of Day 2

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting ready for my first juggling convention

Air fares: $1147
EJC's participation fees + 2 t shirts: $289
Travel insurance: $92
Camping Tent: $55
Sleeping Bag: $30
Barang Barang: $40

Total: $1653

Total trip budget: $3000

Balance: $1347 for food and accommodation + shopping

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

how to get better?

"learn everything first and understand how it works before you start to focus on what you want to work on"

Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool's day

Today is a good day!

starting from 10am, great workshop till 3pm.
then followed by a fun busking audition at 4pm (met many friendly buskers there)
after the audition i spoke to the NAC incharge, we had a long chat on about the busking scene in Singapore and how can we improve it. I hope I've given her some great feedbacks so that she can do something to help us.

After I left the audition place (National Library), I went to clarke quay for dinner. (I goes to clarke quay at least 4 times a week) after dinner i went to my busking location.

Today, the young musician and the dancing uncle was busking on the bridge too!
The uncle took the left, the musician on the centre so i took the right.
Since the young musician reach 1 min earlier than me, I decided to let him busk for awhile before I start. (we are quite close to 1 another and his speaker is LOUD!!!)
I start my first show at 8pm, tough crowd to start my show, maybe too many different music on the bridge. (too noisy, I tried to hint to the musician that i'm starting my show but he nvr lower his speaker volume. Luckily my MACKIE SRM 150 did me proud! Manage to blast a little louder than normal so that people can hear my music.) I manage to get a reasonable crowd and start the show at 8 15pm. Took a 20mins break, then followed by my 2nd show at 9pm. After the 2nd show, I pack up and leave for home...

Today's street performance is fun and enjoyable, I met many nice audience.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Performer Willie

Sometimes I wonder do people live to work or work to live?
I want to live a meaningful life:
by doing things that i enjoy
by working towards my dream to become the No. 1 performer in Singapore
and hopefully i can inspire others to go for their dreams too.. :)

Live your Dream, stay happy!!! :)