Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bye Bye Pepper Zero and Cathy

Pepper Zero and Cathy was in Singapore for the Variete street theatre.
Both of them are street performer from Japan.
Cathy is here as rone and gigi's assistance.
Being rone and gigi's assistance is not easy, as their routine is so "tight" that anytime u might miss out the timing.
i've learn alot from them. especially pepper zero.
i've spend about 8 days with him.
we even went to maid cafe at chijmes coz he wanted to see the difference from here and Japan.
Guess Japan's maid cafe is much much better. Pepper is a very professional performer. He really inspired me to be a performer. Cathy leaves a very deep impression on me as a very sweet japanese wife. I wanna have a japanese wife! I really hope to see them soon! Hope 1 day they can see my performance. arigato! kyotsukete!

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