Sunday, August 3, 2008

hi shizuka

Pepper Zero and Cathy left on sunday 0500am and shizuka and migiwa arrived on the same day at 00 30am. today is Shizuka's sight seeing day (no performance), but i need to bring her to her tomorrow's performing location as she needs to check out the space, the stage. after that since we still have some time before she went back to the hotel to meet migiwa, we went to arab street. she loves arabic stuffs. The first time i saw her at the airport, she looks like a japanese "tai tai" without a LV bag. I'm looking forward to learn more things from her and to see her performance tomorrow.
its 00 21 now, i think Akira have arrived at the airport, but i'm too tired to fetch him already coz after sending Pepper and Cathy back yesterday. i think i onli slept 2 hrs b4 i went to pick up shizuka. But its all worth it! :)
Knik, gambateh! xing ku le!

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