Friday, November 7, 2008

"go holiday never spend money not fun"

lets see how much i've spend and what i bought.
$820 airfare
$450 japan rail pass
i change $2500 to yen in s'pore
i change $400 to yen in tokyo yesterday.
total $4120 ++++++ i sign my card twice
now i onli left 40000yen. and i've 6 more days in japan. :(

what i bought?
a lighted diabolo handstick $100
6 russian balls $50
3 card monte $200
multiplying balls $40
other small smal magic stuff $120
1 unniqlo tee $30
porter organizer book holder $130
a camping stand $90
a edwin tote bag $40
total $800
where all my money goes!!!!
accomadation, food, drinks and train tickets are expensive. don't stay in japan for too long!!!
i need to go busking to earn back my money! :(


iamjayson said...

wah, diabolo stick for $100.... stick more expensive then diabolo meh?

Willie said...

got light de leh...
very nice leh...