Friday, November 7, 2008

japan trip

today is my 9th day in japan,
lets see wat i did for my past eight days.
i arrived tokyo on 30th oct, took shinkansen to shinjuku for lunch then went to harajuku and from there we walk down to shibuya. harajuku is fashion district where all the street wear labels are located. shibuya is more like fareast plaza, with more unknown labels but still a nice place for shopping especially for budget traveller like me. after shibuya we went to meet rone, gigi and cipon for dinner. cipon is a producer and she's only 25yrs old. after the dinner with them at izayaki, we went to a manga cafe to stay over night. it cost 1080yen for 8hrs of stay over there. rooms are quite small but its ok for me.
friday 31th oct, we took shinkansen to shizuoka for the daidogei festival.
we stayed at a business hotel in shizuoka, abt 6800yen per night.
days in shizuoka is fun, i saw alot of world class performers and i'm really inspired by them.
world class performers like ryo yabe, tony freborg, kikyo brothers and many many more.
this festival is also telecast on their national tv in shizuoka and this festival started 15 yrs ago.
daidogei festival has 96 groups of performer and a total of 130 performer. its imposible to watch all the performance so even planning to watch the performance is very difficult but exciting.
i think my experience in shizuoka is very difficult to explain in words but i'll come again next yr.
we left shizuoka on monday 3rd nov afternoon and took shinkansen to osaka. 2hrs ride.
in osaka, we stayed in a capsule hotel. 2500yen per night. quite a nice experience and their culture of having a public bathe is something i cannot accept. its feels like when i'm bathing in bmt but this time without walls. osaka is also very happening, with all the nice food like tako yaki
aka tako pachi in s'pore. actually i prefer osaka than tokyo, maybe coz i've stay too long here and i already bored of some places. i think osaka is less crowded than tokyo too. i hate to take the train during peak hrs in tokyo, its really pack!!! the good thing abt during the train ride in peak hr is that even if u are not holding on to anything u w0n't fall coz there is no space for u to fall. very interesting. see it to believe it.
back to tokyo from osaka on wed and meet up with pepper at akihabara.
we went to a maid cafe for lunch. very interesting too, compare to the s'pore maid cafe at chijmes
this is much better. maid cafe is not only for guys but girls as well. maybe 800yen to 1000 yen for a set meal. then we went to naranja, a juggling shop. at night we meet up with pepper's wife and hiyro for hot pot. very nice food and its a all you can eat buffet. 4000yen per person. pepper's wife is very sweet and funny. anyway, hiyro might be coming back to s'pore to perform on christmas.
thursday and friday was shopping day!
" go holiday never spend money not fun, cannot enjoy" i got it!

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